Food Vitamin


You will be tested on food items and vitamins and minerals. The results are immediate and you will be advised on which food items to avoid and which ones you need to help with your symptoms. This test is more comprehensive in that you will be tested on all food items and vitamins and minerals as above, but on a more intensive level; we will also check your internal organs for any blockages or stress. You will be asked about your family history for the past two generations. You will be invited to bring anything you feel you may have an allergic reaction to and be tested for it.


The basic test takes between 30 to 45 minutes to complete; the in-depth test can take up to one and half hours. Please note that the test and any information provided by you will be treated with complete confidentiality at all times. You will normally be required to come back after 4 to 6 weeks to measure any effects from the programme. These times can vary depending on the outcome of the test. Your practitioner will then help you decide how to proceed– whether you need to eliminate other foods or re-introduce those which were not problematic.


The best way to deal with problems associated with food allergies is to start by eliminating any foods which you may be allergic to, and then slowly re-introducing them into your diet. In this manner, you can determine which foods are giving you a problem and therefore either cut them out completely, or have them very occasionally. With the help of the practitioner you will be able to work out which foods are best for you, and which ones should be minimized.